Penfeidr Uchaf/Llain Uchaf

4th July 2120

Application no:NP/20/0150/FUL Reg date:17-3-20

Refused: 21-Oct-20

An Appeal has been launched see below for details of Planning Inspectorate. Comments and further comments to be submitted by the 5th February 2021.

The Appeal has been dismissed-DMC meeting 21/04/2021

See Inspector’s report here:

Also see below for application to extend the Reserved Matters application for 1 year and Minutes of DMC meeting on the 21st Oct 20 when application was refused.

Reserved Matters application following NP/18/0342/OUT for a single dwelling which was approved on 4-10-2018. The design of this new house is another example of the way the planning authority is approving planning applications that are totally out of character with the vernacular.

The Reserved Matters application went before the Development Management Committee (DMC) on the 21-Oct-20 with the recommendation of the planning officer for approval (see officer’s report below) and was refused by a majority vote. We will publish the minutes of the meeting when they are available, but it seems that the members were of the same view as the Town Council and the authors of the letters (see letters below) that were sent to the Chair and members of the DMC prior to the meeting.

See minutes of DMC meeting 21-Oct-20 below.

Extracted from designs submitted for application that was approved

View this planning application and design on the planning website here:

The Town Council recommended refusal, see recommendation below.

Penfeidr Uchaf SA42 0QF 
Seeking consent  for submitted proposal and new house design 
The design of the “main house” is acceptable 
The design of the building connected to the main house is unacceptable in that: 
It is obtrusive 
It is out of keeping  
The building materials are inappropriate 
This council notes that the footprint of this building is almost as large as the “main house” and it 
is situated on a built up elevated position 
Half of the depth of the building is  situated in front of the “main house” 
The glass facade facing the road is inappropriate for this site 

See the Planning Officer’s report to the Planning Committee here:

The Officer’s report states that the adjacent dwellings are considered to have a positive impact on the character of the immediate landscape given the traditional design and construction-see below contemporary design attached to adjacent traditional cottage. Note the Town Council concerns that the contemporary element of the current application is out of keeping. Also, see below letters from residents that were sent to the Chair of the Development Management Meeting (DMC) and the DMC members. The officer cites the extension to Efo’r Crug opposite the proposed development and the aforementioned adjacent cottage Penfeidr Uchaf as having been approved at Planning Committee, justifying the proposed design for this application. The point is made in one of the letters that once a design is accepted, it sets a precedent for further development of the same design, this in turn becomes the accepted vernacular replacing the existing style for the area.


Penfeidr Uchaf (cottage no more).

Penfeidr Uchaf, inappropriate contemporary extension  to traditional cottage.  
Efo'r Crug, inappropriate extension to its setting.
Efo’r Crug


Land at:
Proposed Development:

Application Reference: Inspectorate Reference: Appeal Starting Date: Appellant Name:

Penfeidr Uchaf, Newport, Pembrokeshire, SA42 0QF Reserved Matters application following NP/18/0342/OUT for a single dwelling. NP/20/0150/FUL APP/L9503/A/20/3264632 08-Jan-2021

I am writing to let you know that an appeal has been made to the Planning Inspectorate in respect of the above mentioned site. The appeal follows the refusal of planning permission by this Authority.

The appeal is to be decided on the basis of Written Reps and will follow the procedures set out in Part 3 of the Town and Country Planning (Referred Applications and Appeals Procedure) (Wales) Regulations 2017

You can obtain a copy of the booklet “Guide to taking part in planning appeals” free of charge from the Welsh Government website at information/?lang=eng .

Any comments already made at application stage will be forwarded to the Inspectorate and copied to the appellant (unless they are expressly confidential) and will be taken into account by the Inspector in deciding the appeal. Any additional comments (which should not exceed 3000 words) must be received within 4 weeks of the starting date, by 5th February 2021. If comments are submitted after the deadline, they will be returned.page1image3182336page1image3181760

All appeal documents can be viewed at these offices during normal working hours or on the Appeals Casework Portal website . It should be noted that all representations made on an appeal will be published on the Planning Portal website.

If you wish to receive a copy of the appeal decision it will be necessary for you to write to the Inspectorate requesting one or alternatively the Inspectors decision can be viewed on the planning portal website.

See here link to planning application for extension of Reserved Matters application:

See here link for minutes of DMC meeting 21st Oct 2020:

See News Page for discussion on future designs of dwellings in Newport in the light of the comments made on this application by the Town Council and by members of the DMC in this meeting.