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Picture of Bettwys Newydd

Newport is one of the jewels of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. As such one of the statutory duties of the Park is “to conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage.” A key tool to achieving this duty is the planning department, which should ensure all new development is sympathetically handled and not out of keeping or scale. Every few years the National Park publishes a Development Plan, and this is available here.  The planners have made a number of very controversial decisions in recent times and this page contains examples, which show that the Planning Department has failed to implement its own policies on a number of occasions.

This page lists Applications which are now decided or withdrawn, and older news items, with the most recent being shown at the top.

Midland Bank House East St

29th October 2020   View     Author: Site Author

28th October 2020

Application no: NP/20/0403/FUL

Provision of ancillary annexe accommodation above existing garage.

Reg date: 09-Oct-2020

See planning application here:

The Conservation Officer's comment can be seen here. It says the proposal is considered to adversely affect the character and appearance of Newport Conservation Area and would set a precedent for developments within the Conservation Area.

This application was withdrawn on 02-Dec-2020

Maes Gwenyn

30th September 2020   View     Author: Site Author

30th Sept 2020

Application no: NP/20/0230/FUL Reg date: 28-April 2020

A One Planet Development consisting of barn, greenhouse, compost toilet and barn.

Nevern and Moylegrove Community Council did not support this application, although there was significant support from the Cilgwyn community.

See planning application submitted on planning website here:

This application was refused on 21-Sept-2020.

Newport Pembs Golf Club

25th September 2020   View     Author: Site Author

25th September 2020

NP/20/0371/FUL Reg date: 17-Aug-2020

Change of use from redundant Manager's accommodation to self-contained holiday unit.

See this application and relevant details of previous disposal of accommodation at the Golf Club on planning website here:

Nevern and Moylegrove Community Council objected to this application. See below the reasons given for refusal. It is interesting to note the last two comments where the Council refers to the condition that disposal of the accommodation can only be as an integral part of the golf club, but acknowledges that the other apartments have been put up for sale even though there was a condition. All these apartments have now been sold and as the Council sagely notes the manager's accommodation will also be sold. The reason this accommodation is now redundant is because of the sale of these apartments along with the sale of 9 hole of the Golf Course and previously 3 flats. There is little left to manage and this has all come about because of the absolute shambles made of the amendment to the original 106 agreement when the National Parks Authority granted permission to remove this covenant from the 3 original flats allowing them to be sold on the open market. In the process of amending the original 106 agreement, a massive blunder occurred with the failure to transfer paragraphs from the original 106 agreement to the amended 106 agreement, not as the monitoring officer has stated in his report an omission of the two words 'other than'. This meant that all other accommodation and golf course that was tied to the Golf Club was not covered by the new 106 agreement. Read the full details on the history page.

Change of use from redundant Managers accommodation to self contained holiday unit
Newport Links Golf Club, Golf Course Road, Newport, Pembrokeshire. SA42 0NR

Nevern Community Council (by a majority vote) wish to OBJECT to this planning application.

The Council still feel that it is important to keep the Managers accommodation for 
future managers and to maintain the formality and appearance of the building.
For future ownership of the Golf Course, a manager/owner residence is desirable. 
The condition 'that the property can only be disposed of as an integral part of the golf club' 
should be upheld if permission is given by PCNPA planning committee.
The Councillors feel that if planning permission is granted then this building will be put up for 
sale as the other apartments were, even though it seems that there were conditions on these also.

This application was granted at Development Management Committee on 09-Dec-2020. See the Officer's report to committee here:

See minutes of the DMC meeting here:

Land North of Maes y Dderwen, Feidr Ganol

7th August 2020   View     Author: Admin

7th August 2020

Application no: NP/20/0354/OUT

Erection of 2 infill dwellings (one open market and one affordable) - Outline planning permission with all matters reserved.

Reg date: 14-July-2020

Registered Date 14-July-2020. See planning application here.

Refused on 30-Sept-2020.

We are copying below the letter submitted by Newport Town Council. We agree with all the points made.

NP/20/0354/OUT Land north of Maes y Dderwen Feidr Ganol Newport SA42 ORS
1 The council has received 23 letters/emails opposing the application
2 The aboricultural impact assessment and method statement dated 3/5/19 relates to a new single storey garage adjacent to the existing property and not to the current application
3 The council disagrees with the conclusion of the Highways Dept of PCC that the proposal will not generate enough traffic to cause concern. PCNPA is referred to the comments of the many objectors in this regard. Further,planning permission has already been granted for one dwelling near this site which (when built) will result in increased traffic.As many objectors point out the road is narrow with no pavements and a blind corner nearby .The road is a popular walk for pedestrians both for leisure and to access Newport avoiding the trunk road (which does not have a pavement along its whole length)
4. The council supports the comments and conclusions of Sarah Hirst in her memo to Kate Attrill dated 29/7/20 This council does not intend repeating all the points Sarah Hirst makes.However:
A/The council does not consider that the site is an infill plot.The proposal amounts to ribbon development on a rural lane.The site is not a small gap.The frontage exceeds 90 metres in length .
B/The size of the affordable home would seem inconsistent with any possibility of it being developed as affordable .Please see point 4 in Simon Hoare’s objection dated 23/08/20
C/The new track gate on to Feidr Ganol serving the applicant’s property further separates the site from the neighbouring property to the west
5/ The proposed development would result in a loss of privacy for certain neighbouring properties,particularly the property opposite
6/This council also shares the concerns of many objectors regarding the proposed removal of a length of hedgerow notwithstanding the proposal to build a hedgbank at the rear of the site PCNPA is referred to point 5 of Simon Hoare’s email of objection makes the point cogently
7/As Sarah Hirst points out the plots on the opposite side of the road are much smaller than those proposed in this application and the proposed dwellings would be out of sync with neighbouring properties
8/In conclusion, this council does not consider that the proposal amounts to infill under LDP1 (and therefore should not be allowed )Further as LDP2 does not allow infill in the countryside the proposal should be allowed under LDP2 either
Regards John Griffiths Chair planning committee Newport Town Council

Pengawse Uchaf Mountain West

5th July 2020   View     Author: Site Author

5th July 20120

Application no: NP/20/0213/FUL Reg date: 22-4-20

Proposed demolition /part reconstruction/extensions & alterations to dwelling with replacement of shed with new workshop building

View application on planning website:

This application was approved on 28-July-20

Pengawse House
Proposed Alterations and Extension to Pengawse Isaf - extracted from drawings submitted.
picture of shed
Extracted from drawings submitted for shed/workshop

Penwern Mill Lane

3rd July 2020   View     Author: Site Author

Application no: NP/20/0156/FUL Reg date:16-3-20

Amended design to scheme of alterations and extension to dwelling under NP/17/0512 to provide annexe for occupation for family members.

The Town Council recommended approval subject to :

  1. Limiting the annexe to one household as a measure of preventing independent use or severance of the annexe.
  2. Planting scheme of native trees approved by the National Park.

See application here:

This application was approved on 12-Oct-20

Image extracted from the drawings submitted

Land off Mill Lane for Wellford House

24th June 2020   View     Author: Site Author

Application no:NP/20/0068/FUL Reg date:12-3-2020

Erection of small shed/stable

View application on planning website

The Town Council Planning Group met to discuss this application on May 12th and recommended refusal.

This application was approved on 12-Aug-2020.

Ger y Don Golf Course Road (Application withdrawn)

1st April 2020   View     Author: Site Author

NP/20/0090/FUL Registration date: 17-Feb-20

Image based on extracts from the drawings submitted.

Reconfiguration and extension of existing dwelling
View application on planning website

This is another substantial extension to an existing property.

This application has been withdrawn.

Lle Bryony, the Old Pottery site

10th March 2020   View     Author: Admin

Old Pottery development
Lle Bryony, the Old Pottery site

Further development is now being carried out on the old pottery site next door to Yard y Parrog. The lovely old pottery building becoming hidden amongst a further 3 luxury properties, albeit it is all crammed on to a small site. The price of the 3 bedroom properties on Lle Bryony are from £425,000 up to £465,00. The owner was exempt from providing an affordable element on the site, because a small amount of land was given to an adjoining site enabling an increase in the number of affordable to rent units on that site.  The overall appearance of both the sites is of a development that one would see in a city not in the National Park.

Nearing completion the houses on the Old Pottery Site adjoined by one of the affordable houses on the neighbouring site on the top of Parrog Road. The over development of the plot has produced an untidy, incohesive development
The old Pottery building flanked by a new unit diminishing the character of the original building
Development completed with two properties already sold. Another character building disappears, in this case engulfed by a a development that is totally out of character with its surroundings and not in the vernacular for Newport.

3 of the 4 properties for sale have sold on completion.

Old Pony Paddock Parrog Road

1st March 2020   View     Author: Admin

This is development of 2 open market houses and 2 affordable houses, being developed on a very small site.

Old Pony Paddock - the two open market houses

These are the open market housing on this site. They are 3 storey houses not in keeping with the vernacular and again obliterating Carningli. Yet another development on Parrog Road that has robbed Newport of an iconic view, this time from the coastal path and walking up from Parrog.

The two four bedroom open market properties near to completion with an asking price of £575,000 and £599,000
Sea and estuary views from the bath and view of bather from the coastal path. A first for Newport!
Both properties sold on completion.

Land adjacent to 13 Maes Morfa

14th February 2020   View     Author: Site Author

Application no:NP/ 20/0084/FUL Reg date 14-Feb-2020

Demolition of existing garage and construction of new dwelling.
View application on planning website

This application was approved on 11-N0v-2020

See Delegated Decision Notice here:

Berry Lodge Golf Course Rd Newport. Reg date 12 Dec 2019

12th December 2019   View     Author: Admin

Demolition of existing dwelling and construction of 2 storey replacement dwelling.

View Application

This application will be considered by Nevern and Moylegrove Community Council, contact:

This application went before the Development Management Committee on the 18/3/2020 with the Officers recommending refusal.
The application was refused on 20th March 2020. You can view the refusal notice.

At the same DMC meeting a separate application for Berry Lodge for part demolition, alterations and extension to dwelling was approved. Full details are on the PCNPA Planning site and can be seen by clicking here.

Rock House Feidr Brenin Parrog

4th December 2019   View     Author: Admin

Rock House Garage

No. NP/19/0660/FUL Reg date 04-Dec-2019

...alteration to convert part former garage building to create separate studio and workshop accommodation. New pitched roof will substantially raise the profile.

View Application (on the National Park Planning Site)

This planning application was granted permission on the 29th January 2020.

See below for separate application for replacement dwelling, or click here.

Dec 30, 2019

Y Glowty Mountain West

20th November 2019   View     Author: Admin

Application no: NP/19/0632/NMA Reg date: 20-11-19

Change to approved window design on NP/18/0704/FUL (approved 09-Jan-20)

Y Glowty was originally allowed permission for a very small residence with a metre wide extension on the side. The criteria for holiday use is extensive.

See approved plan (on National Park planning website)

Image extracted from the drawings submitted on planning application.

Sadly this is all that is left of the original glowty.

Golwg y Lan Feidr Ganol

13th November 2019   View     Author: Site Author

Application no NP/19/0083/FUL Reg date 17-Oct-2019 Approved 13-Nov-19

Non-material amendment to NP/19/0083/FUL

See the approved application here:

Extracted from submitted drawings.

Rock House, Parrog Planning Application No: NP/19/0448/FUL

9th August 2019   View     Author: Admin

View application files (on National Park website)

The application was considered by the Development Management Committee meeting of 29th January 2020, and granted permission.

The following comments have already been sent to the planners:

Prominent position in Parrog conservation area.

Historic building/familiar landmark in unique setting

Part of iconic Parrog sea frontage

Substantial scale of proposed extension will turn Rock House into a block of two semi-detached houses

Impact on view of frontage from Traeth Mawr, Nevern Estuary, Boat Club, Coast Path, etc.

Regarding Rock House planning application, PCNPA, has received representation from Newport Town Council, who are objecting to the scheme.

9 private representations, 6 recommending refusal

The relevant issues of concern include the size of the extension, impact on the conservation area and precedent

The application will be taken to the PCNPA Development Management Committee, where it will be considered by members

This planning application was granted permission by the Development Management Committee on the 29th January 2020.

See minutes of this meeting here:

Newport Golf Club (cancelled)

17th July 2019   View     Author: Admin

Variation of Condition 11 of Planning Permission NP/04/316 to allow change of use from Manager's accommodation to holiday unit.

Registration Date: 17th July 2019. Cancelled. However, there has been a revelation of a serious error made following a previous application. View the planning files. (On the National Park website).

Newport Golf Club

In 2005 Newport Golf Club was granted permission to extend the accommodation of the golf club and and the golf course to an 18 hole course. It was argued that the extra accommodation which included 10 additional letting units, new manager's accommodation, additional to the existing 4 flats (3 owned by the golf club) were needed to make the business viable. The planning permission tied the accommodation to the golf club with a 106 agreement, which meant it could not be sold off separately to the golf club.

Newport Links Golf Club. PICTURE: Mervyn Greer. Licensed for reuse under the Creative Commons Licence
The view from Newport Links Golf Club

In 2013 the Golf Club owners were granted permission to have the 106 agreement lifted from the 3 original flats by the DMC members, against officer advice, and providing that the proceeds was reinvested back in the business. Some 6 years later it came to the notice of a planning officer that the 10 units had been sold on the open market. Upon investigation it was revealed that the modifications to the 106 agreement to remove the restriction from the 3 flats had removed it from all the accommodation.

Thus all 10 units have been sold off, as well as nine holes of the golf course. Initially it appeared that there was no application to lift the 106 agreement on these units nor planning permission to allow for the sale of these 13 units on the open market.

You can see the monitoring officer's report to the DMC meeting on the 5th February 2020 by clicking here. You can also view an article in the Western Telegraph, in respect of the sale of the 10 units. Further articles and letters to the monitoring officers from a local resident and the reply from the monitoring officer can be found below.

Western Telegraph Article published on 3rd February 2020

The article can be seen by clicking this link. In it the newspaper states that "NO ACTION is likely to be taken by the national park over an "apparent breach" of a section 106 agreement which resulted in "an unexpected windfall profit" to the owner of Newport Links golf club.

Monitoring Officer's Report to the DMC.

The Monitoring Officer's report to the 5th February meeting highlights a serious error made, which allows the owner of the Golf Course to disregard the wishes of the DMC when planning permission was originally granted. See Monitoring Officer report.

A local resident wrote in response to the Monitoring Officer's report. You can view this letter by clicking below.

Monitoring Officer's reply to letter (see above) sent to him by local resident.

Following the monitoring officer's report to the DMC ...

Resident's response to Monitoring Officer.
Article in the Western Telegraph reporting Newport Golf Club owner's response to the Monitoring officer's report.

Article in same edition of the Western Telegraph "Park admits error in not spotting change of clause".

Letter sent to the Western Telegraph by local resident "Newport & Park Planners

The last correspondence in this saga was between a resident and the monitoring officer. In a letter sent to the monitoring officer, these points were made: The Officer did not carry out the Member's instruction, by making a mistake in discharging the original 106 agreement. The Authority has allowed development in the open countryside contrary to policy. The Authority has not supported the local economy by its action. Pointing out that the only option left was to refer the matter to the Audit Office. The monitoring officer thought it would be beneficial and looked forward to engaging with the it in due course. It would seem there is no recourse for the mistakes made by the Planning Authority even when the the mistakes have resulted in a major development in the open countryside, with no justification for its existence in this prime position overlooking Newport bay.

Will Phillips Yard

4th July 2019   View     Author: Admin

Will Phillips Yard

Built on the site of the OLD MIDDLE GARAGE, a development of 6 houses with 4 affordable rented units in the original house. All 6 open market houses were sold as second homes. Prices were originally advertised from £158,95, but came on the market and sold from just under £200,000 for a bedroom property. Currently, there is an application in to vary the condition relating to the car parking spaces on the opposite side of the road, in order to sell some of the car parking spaces allocated to the rented units. This application has now been approved. The parking spaces are on the market for £20,000 each.

Iard Y Parrog

3rd July 2019   View     Author: Admin

Parrog Yard
Iard Y Parrog

This is a development where 100% of the 8 properties are affordable homes to rent. This was achieved because the Town Council owned the land. The problem is the design, which is totally out of keeping with anything else in Newport. It bares no resemblance to the properties that surround it. It is in stark contrast to the vernacular architecture of the town. Further to that it blocks out Carningli as one travels up Parrog Road. One of the most important and much loved landmarks marred by inappropriately designed properties for this very special location. 

Church Fields

3rd July 2019   View     Author: Admin

Entrance to Church Fields
Entrance to the Church Fields development

A controversial development of 35 dwellings on a site that was originally put in to the Local Development Plan for 12 with a maximum of 20 dwellings, due to the constraints of the surrounding narrow lanes and the visual impact of the site.  70% should have been affordable and 30% open market.  After planning permission, only 40% are affordable to rent (occupying a very small section of the site).  The owners of the site promised some affordable properties to buy by local employees. In fact this was the carrot that encouraged the Development Management Committee to grant permission, along with a well travelled petition signed by around 1000 people, few of whom had anything to do with Newport. The members were told the market properties would start at £100,000 and provide local workers with a step on the housing ladder. They are now coming on the market with starting prices from an eye watering £340,000 and £375,00 for the 2 bedroom properties and up to over £500,000 for 4 bedroom properties- way beyond the scope of local people, with the inevitability of more second homes, with not even a crumb for the young people living and working here. How can this be? 

The impact of this development, due to the amount of houses all crammed together, and the height of the them, combined with the location next to the church and castle is nothing short of tragic. The annihilation of ancient hedge banks to create numerous access points has totally changed the character of this part of Newport. The impact of traffic on the narrow lanes surrounding has yet to be experienced. The social rented houses is separated by both fences and hedges from the market housing so that the only pedestrian route into town from them is along a narrow road with steep sides and no pavements. (See news page for ongoing battle to get a safe path installed from the rented houses through the open market site).  Only one house is orientated North South and there's not a solar panel in sight. The Town Council did not support this development. How could a National Park allow it?

Gateway to Newport approaching from Gilgwyn.

This picture shows that another chunk of the ancient Bentinck hedge bank has been removed. The house behind is one of a number of houses that are for sale on the site for a staggering £525,000.

Nearing completion one of the seven houses on the Church Fields housing development ranging in price from £485,000-£525,000 that tower down over Feidr Bentinck. The ancient hollow way now totally destroyed. The hedge cut down low the length of the lane to afford the properties a view of the open fields beyond. The splayed entrance to the site (see above) joins the natural hedge bank with a newly constructed turf bank, with no attempt to create any sense of continuity between the old and the new.

Parc Bach, Mountain West

3rd July 2019   View     Author: Admin

Picture of Parc Back
Parc Back, Mountain West

This recent development causes light pollution - something that the National Park Development Plan says should be controlled.   The picture shows Y Garn in the background, which is affected by the light pollution from this development, as are the properties above.  When the lights are on it is like a beacon, due to the size and style of the triangle window.

Beeview Farm, Carningli

2nd July 2019   View     Author: Admin

In this case, the Development Management Committee (DMC) controversially  granted planning permission by  7 votes - 7 votes! The National Parks DMC Chairman sided with the case officer who had "mistakenly" misrepresented the results of a petition signed by 151 Newport residents overwhelmingly opposing this development, when she claimed in her written report to the DMC that the petition was actually supporting the development. She was picked up on this point, but it appeared that some of the DMC had already made up their minds.  This One Planet Development bordering iconic Carningli S.S.I. landscape does not conform with the Sanford Principle- ( A concept in the management of protected landscapes in the UK) National Parks Policy Review Committee chaired by Lord Sanford which states  "National Parks Authorities can do much to reconcile public enjoyment with the preservation of natural beauty by good planning and management. Priority must be given to the conservation of natural beauty."

Pant yr Hedd Feidr Ganol

30th June 2019   View     Author: Site Author

Application no:NP/19/0098/OUT dwelling

Reg date:28-Feb-2019 Approved:24-July 19

See approved permission on planning website:

photo of field
Site of new dwelling

Several letters of objection to this application received, summary of objections can been seen in the Officer's report on the planning website. The Town Council recommended approval of this application.

Pant yr Hedd Feidr Ganol

21st December 2018   View     Author: Site Author

Application no: NP/18/0659/FUL Reg date:06-Nov-2018

Extension of residential curtilage of Pant yr Hedd including change of use for agricultural land was approved on 21-Dec-2018.

See planning application here:

A replacement dwelling with retention of facade of Pant yr Hedd was approved on 17th July 2017. Application no:NP/16/0427/FUL

See approval here:

This is how the cottage looks now, we do not have a design for the new dwelling, but one can only imagine that this unique longhouse cottage will be lost forever.

picture of Pant yr Hedd
'The last of the Magic'

Bettws Newydd

1st July 2018   View     Author: Admin

Picture of Bettwys Newydd taken in 2009

Bettwys Newydd (This case dates back to 2008 and ran for many years.)
This is a massive development on the Parrog, which was the subject of a huge protest. According to the National Park's own Monitoring Officer, numerous mistakes were made by Planning Officers and £77,000 of public money was spent by the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park handling the application.  The Welsh Government Planning Inspector heavily criticised the National Park for a visually inappropriate development, but he allowed the appeal and the building remains. Much earlier intervention by the public might have prevented this, hence this website-to draw attention to planning applications as early as possible.  The full story is documented on the old Opposition Group Website.