Maes Gwenyn

30th Sept 2020

Application no: NP/20/0230/FUL Reg date: 28-April 2020

A One Planet Development consisting of barn, greenhouse, compost toilet and barn.

Nevern and Moylegrove Community Council did not support this application, although there was significant support from the Cilgwyn community.

See planning application submitted on planning website here:

This application was refused on 21-Sept-2020.

One thought on “Maes Gwenyn”

  1. Location, location, location
    By definition the description of all planning sites ought to have at the very least the earth co-ordinates of the site in Lat & Longitude figures provided, but better still by far in this day and age a simple link to an online map location say typically in Google (Earth) maps or equivalent. Tsch, tsch, tsch ! Possibly I’ll help if you’re duly contrite !

    This site, Maes Gwenyn, appears to me to be located across the road from a cottage in Cilgwyn (south of the Clydach) called Penybont , according to the County Ward map (
    but is this correct ?

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