Tyrhibin Isaf

18th August 2021

NP/21/0191/FUL Proposed Replacement Dwelling & Associated Works.

Reg date: 17-March-2021

See planning application here:https://planning.pembrokeshirecoast.wales.

Nevern Community Council’s comment below:




Members of Nevern Community Council strongly oppose the demolition and rebuild of Ty Rhibyn Isaf, Newport, Pembrokeshire. They fully support the Consultation carried out by Mr. Scourfield

‘The planning system must take into account the Welsh Government’s objectives to protect, conserve, promote and enhance the historic environment as a resource for the general well-being of present and future generations. The historic environment is a finite, non-renewable and shared resource and a vital and integral part of the historical and cultural identity of Wales. It contributes to economic vitality and culture, civic pride, local distinctiveness and the quality of Welsh life. The historic environment can only be maintained as a resource for future generations if the individual historic assets are protected and conserved.’

By demolishing the existing cottage, does not in the view of the councillors, ensure that the value of the landscape and the distinctive character and special qualities of the area is protected; this will be the loss of another local farmstead, and in its place an unacceptable and inappropriate proposal. The property has been designed with the forms and material palette of rural buildings that house livestock, with no consideration to the visual aspect. This build is totally different to any other dwelling in the area, and is certainly not in keeping with this area, it can be seen from the lane and will be viewed as a peculiar monstrosity.

It is unfortunate in Pembrokeshire that demolition of dwellings seems to be becoming more common and this does not sit comfortably with the local residents. It is our heritage, our culture, our past that is being demolished. Our relatives lived and worked in these wonderful stone-built houses, and these demolitions have to stop. Retention of these properties, whether listed or not, with the repair and re-use as a family dwelling is paramount. If a building plot is what is required then maybe this is what should be sought.

The plan report says that there will be no increase in traffic, there will obviously be an increase in traffic, as there is an increase in bed space, and with parking to the side of the dwelling and a single car port compared to a single car garage as there is now.

In National Parks, planning authorities should give great weight to the statutory purposes of National Parks, which are to conserve and enhance their natural beauty (in this case the buildings) wildlife (the natural surroundings and open spaces) and cultural heritage, and to promote opportunities for public understanding and enjoyment of their special qualities. Planning authorities should also seek cultural well-being of their local communities and act in the long term to respect environmental limits and operating in an integrated way so that resources are not irreversibly damaged.

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