Newport Pembs Golf Club

25th September 2020

NP/20/0371/FUL Reg date: 17-Aug-2020

Change of use from redundant Manager’s accommodation to self-contained holiday unit.

See this application and relevant details of previous disposal of accommodation at the Golf Club on planning website here:

Nevern and Moylegrove Community Council objected to this application. See below the reasons given for refusal. It is interesting to note the last two comments where the Council refers to the condition that disposal of the accommodation can only be as an integral part of the golf club, but acknowledges that the other apartments have been put up for sale even though there was a condition. All these apartments have now been sold and as the Council sagely notes the manager’s accommodation will also be sold. The reason this accommodation is now redundant is because of the sale of these apartments along with the sale of 9 hole of the Golf Course and previously 3 flats. There is little left to manage and this has all come about because of the absolute shambles made of the amendment to the original 106 agreement when the National Parks Authority granted permission to remove this covenant from the 3 original flats allowing them to be sold on the open market. In the process of amending the original 106 agreement, a massive blunder occurred with the failure to transfer paragraphs from the original 106 agreement to the amended 106 agreement, not as the monitoring officer has stated in his report an omission of the two words ‘other than’. This meant that all other accommodation and golf course that was tied to the Golf Club was not covered by the new 106 agreement. Read the full details on the history page.

Change of use from redundant Managers accommodation to self contained holiday unit
Newport Links Golf Club, Golf Course Road, Newport, Pembrokeshire. SA42 0NR

Nevern Community Council (by a majority vote) wish to OBJECT to this planning application.

The Council still feel that it is important to keep the Managers accommodation for 
future managers and to maintain the formality and appearance of the building.
For future ownership of the Golf Course, a manager/owner residence is desirable. 
The condition 'that the property can only be disposed of as an integral part of the golf club' 
should be upheld if permission is given by PCNPA planning committee.
The Councillors feel that if planning permission is granted then this building will be put up for 
sale as the other apartments were, even though it seems that there were conditions on these also.

This application was granted at Development Management Committee on 09-Dec-2020. See the Officer’s report to committee here:

See minutes of the DMC meeting here: