Map showing all properties in Newport

Thanks to a Newportian, we’ve obtained a very detailed map showing and naming almost every house in Newport. This is a very large image, but if you click the link below you can view or download it.

Map of Newport’s Houses

Once you are viewing the map, just right click and select “save image as” to download the file.

Local Development Plan

The new Local Development Plan (LDP) has been before the Planning Inspector and will be published soon. The LDP was formally adopted by The National Park Development Management meeting on the 30th September 2020.

See the new Local Development Plan (LDP2) here:

There is one site allocated for 15 houses in the new plan for Newport on Pen-y-Bont opposite the existing houses. More news to follow on this and any future development …

Absence of safe path from affordable housing through open market site

This is a letter sent to the National Park by a local resident, who has persisted to get a pedestrian path, from the affordable rented housing at Maes y Mynydd through the housing site Church Fields to Goat Street, which members of the DMC made a condition of the planning permission, but it has not been done and the site is now occupied and fenced off from the market housing.  Absence of safe footpath

28th October 2020

The issue of the absent path has now been taken up by Newport Area Environment Group (NAEG) The latest news is that the discussion is still ongoing between the planning authority and the developer as to the provision of this path. We will keep you posted.

Newport Golf Club – sale of properties on open market

No action is being taken by the National Park over a serious error which resulted in National Planning Policy being breached over the sale on the open market of 10 properties by Newport Golf Club.

There has been a serious error resulting in the sale of 10 properties on the open market, contrary to National Planning Policy. This case received extensive press coverage and full details can be seen by clicking here.