Lle Bryony, the Old Pottery site

Old Pottery development
Lle Bryony, the Old Pottery site

Further development is now being carried out on the old pottery site next door to Yard y Parrog. The lovely old pottery building becoming hidden amongst a further 3 luxury properties, albeit it is all crammed on to a small site. The price of the 3 bedroom properties on Lle Bryony are from £425,000 up to £465,00. The owner was exempt from providing an affordable element on the site, because a small amount of land was given to an adjoining site enabling an increase in the number of affordable to rent units on that site.  The overall appearance of both the sites is of a development that one would see in a city not in the National Park.

Nearing completion the houses on the Old Pottery Site adjoined by one of the affordable houses on the neighbouring site on the top of Parrog Road. The over development of the plot has produced an untidy, incohesive development
The old Pottery building flanked by a new unit diminishing the character of the original building
Development completed with two properties already sold. Another character building disappears, in this case engulfed by a a development that is totally out of character with its surroundings and not in the vernacular for Newport.

3 of the 4 properties for sale have sold on completion.